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Welcome to the Atalla Group Inc. Based out of Hamilton, ON, we are a Property Management and Rental Asset Private Equity Company that works with landlords, investors, realtors, tenants, and contractors who are looking to invest in real estate. Our goal is to make our client’s life easier when it comes to investing, by facilitating every aspect of the process, so that they can see a successful NOI and rest assured knowing that they are doing it right.

From years of experience, our team of experts have developed certain systems, processes, and software that allow easy management of all assets, all while increasing tenant satisfaction and retention, in a fully transparent manner. By using a holistic approach that combines property managers, analysts, accountants, and engineers, our clients can always expect operational excellence and strong client relationships during their ventures with us.

We also work hard to help various communities around the GTA and so, every year, we contribute a percentage of our profits to the Youth Without Shelter (YWS) Charitable Organization. This organization works hard to help homeless youth in communities develop important life skills and the confidence it takes to find employment and stable homes.

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Property management

Atalla Property Management consists of both property managers and real estate investment experts who work to help our clients improve their asset’s bottom line from various angles.

Our investment team works to analyze your assets and see where you can save money, as well as where better income can be generated. All of this is done with your tenants in mind, not only ensuring satisfaction but also increasing retention.

With the right property management team put in place, our clients can spend more time focusing on what’s really important to them, while our team oversees all assets and areas of the process. It’s an easy, fool-proof way to ensure any investor will see success. Given our full transparency model, all clients have 24/7 access to our Property Management Portal where they can see all details of their property and utilize our property management solutions.



Working with us allows for cost and time savings as well as more efficient procedures. Not only will you save money with our bulk purchasing, but you’ll also have access to advanced software, for use by you and your tenants, which, depending on the user at hand, provides access to ongoing work orders and complaints, as well as real-time ledgers and financials. Not only will your life be made easier, but so will your tenants, allowing for increased tenant retention rates.


Realtors will have access to their own portal where they can easily access available listings, unit photos, and floor plans, making their life easier as well as allowing for quicker unit conversions. Landlords can work with either their own preferred realtors or can utilize our access to many local, dedicated realtors with whom we've partnered.


Our advanced software allows for increased efficiency and tenant satisfaction. Watch as tenants feel relieved knowing that they can pay their rent by credit card, visa debit, or e-transfer. They’ll also be eligible for portal access which they can easily flag any repairs, complaints, or issues that need to be addressed. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and it’s the perfect solution for your tenants.


Allow for better efficiency when addressing tenant issues! We work with only licensed, insured, and preferred contractors and vendors who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Upon arriving at your property, vendors and contractors will be able to access our portal when they can open up and view all work orders which are prioritized for importance. Not only will this help save you time, but it will also allow for happier tenants.




Easily increase your asset’s worth with our Atalla Rental Assets division. At this division, we primarily focus on commercial residential properties (those with 6 units and more), as well as other commercial properties. Our aim is always on finding assets that are underperforming compared to other alike properties in their respective neighbourhoods. Once found, our team of experts create aggressive and strategic plans that work to improve the property’s value over time.

With an expert team, we’ve developed some highly successful strategies that ensure our clients an increase in their asset’s worth over time, as well as allow for healthy dividend payouts. It’s truly the best of both worlds!



Experience peace of mind knowing that you have a team of dedicated, versatile experts who you can lean on. Not only will they help you every step of the way, but they’ll also be able to expose you to many high-quality, off-market deals. It’s the perfect way to increase your assets and their values.


Know that your client is in good hands with a fully transparent company that you can trust. Our team will work with you and your client every step of the way as we plan, execute, and prepare all acquisition deals. It’s a sure-fire way to help your client find success!


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